Escape Velocity – Introduction

If you like cool-sounding science terms, escape velocity should fit the bill. But what the heck does it even mean? Allow me to explain: What goes up, must come down. Surely you’ve heard this before. But how about an experiment to see if it’s really true? I’m going to take a ball and toss it […]

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Hohmann Manoeuvre

A Hohmann Transfer is an orbital maneuver that transfers a satellite or spacecraft from one circular orbit to another. It was invented by a German scientist in 1925 and is the most fuel efficient way to get from one circular orbit to another circular orbit. Because the Hohmann Transfer is the most fuel efficient way to move […]

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Pirs Module

The 16-foot-long, 8,000-pound Pirs (Docking Compartment 1, DC 1) is attached to the bottom, Earth-facing port of the Zvezda Service Module at the ISS. It docked to the space station on Sept. 16, 2001 and was configured during three spacewalks by the Expedition Three crew. Pirs, also known as DC-1, launched Sept. 14, 2001, as ISS Assembly Mission […]

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Zvezda Module

When in 1993 Russia was invited to join what would become the International Space Station, it brought along an array of hardware, drastically reshaping previously envisioned look of the outpost. The most significant Russian contribution in the space station design was the service module, intended to provide life-support and living quarters for a three-member long-duration […]

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Soyuz – Architecture.

Soyuz is a family of Soviet expendable launch systems developed by OKB-1 and manufactured by Progress Rocket Space Center in Samara, Russia. With over 1700 flights since its debut in 1966, the Soyuz is the most frequently used launch vehicle in the world. For nearly a decade between the final flight of the U.S. Space […]

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Satellite Orbit Types

There are many different satellite orbits that can be used. The ones that receive the most attention are the geostationary orbit used as they are stationary above a particular point on the Earth. The orbit that is chosen for a satellite depends upon its application. Those used for direct broadcast television, i.e. satellite television for […]

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Welcome to my Cosmos

Welcome to My area of Space Library. You will find blog posts here ranging from Update on Space Programs across the planet to orbital mechanics and Space facts and knowledge. Stay tuned for Sunday or Friday, i would keep you all posted with something you all may or may not know. You can request for […]

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